How I celebrate Christmas

Color, 8.5 X 8.5, 48 pp., $14.95 retail

Color, 8.5 X 8.5, 50 pp.

Approved by the Panamanian Ministry of Education.


When a little girl celebrates Christmas with her two Grandmothers in their countries, she encounters two cultures and traditions. Although the celebrations are very different, both of them embrace Christmas with love.

One Grandmother lives in a northern climate. Cold winters are endured with the warmth of a wood fire and candles twinkling in the long night. The other family experiences Christmas during the onset of the dry season. The northern wind cools the tropical heat as they celebrate the holidays in Spanish tradition.

This children’s book, written in English and Spanish, will immerse everyone who enjoys the holiday season into the various traditions, decorations, food and celebrations of Christmas.

Cuando una niña celebra la navidad con sus dos abuelas en sus paises, se encuentra con dos culturas y tradiciones diferentes. Aunque las costumbres son distintas, las dos familias reciben la navidad con mucho amor.

Una abuela vive en el clima frío del norte. Los largos inviernos son amainados con el calor de la chimenea y las velas que tintinean durante las noches. La otra
familia recibe la navidad en los comienzos de la temporada seca. El viento del norte calma el calor tropical, mientras que ellos festejan con las tradiciones españolas.

Este libro de niños, escrito en inglés y en español, hará que todo aquel que lo lea disfrute de las tradiciones, decoraciones, comida, cantos y celebraciones de la Navidad.

Comments :

” The book is absolutely beautiful!!!. I will be getting together with my family this Sunday and I am so excited to show it to them. Thank you so much for having it signed. I will treasure it always!!!”

Gisela Catano-Mahoney M.Ed RN-BC, Nurse Specialist


“This book has beautiful illustrations. They tell so much of the story. The contrasts of colors, customs, and languages between the two Christmas celebrations invite children to speak, read, and write a second language while learning that in other parts of the world children might honor this traditional holiday differently than they do. It is a perfect book to entice children to share about their own traditions or to use their imagination and guess how children in other cultures celebrate important holidays. The author has generously included 14 pages of words in English and Spanish with their respective image for readers to easily identify their new vocabulary. Gather the children and have fun learning another culture and language.”

Mara Silvera

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